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Necklace Wearable Air Purifier

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IONKINI Portable Wearable Air Purifier JO-2001 Necklace, Desktop, Bedside, Car Vent. Clean Air Everywhere
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Product Description

Personal Portable and Wearable Air Purifier Ionizer Lithium Battery Mini USB Negative Ion Generator Portable Air Cleaner Anion


Outdoor Air Purifier Car Air Cleaner Oxygen Anion Purifier



1.100% brand new and high quality.

2. Keep fresh air at anywhere you're

3.Protect the family to enjoy healthy breathing, provide healthy breathing all the time, to ensure the safety of indoor or outdoor air.

4.Negative oxygen ionsLoaded with negative oxygen ion generator, make the air more fresh and natural, enjoy the forest air

5. Quickly remove smoke, reject secondhand smoke

6. Release a large amount of oxygen anion, kill harmful bacteria, mold and , decompose smoke, odor and formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases released by car parts (such as sheet, leather).



Size: 65*55*20mm

voltage: DC5

Power: <1W

Charger: USB

Using time: 10 hours

Negative ion concentration: 5 millions pcs/m³

Usage: Kids and Adult use


How to use:

1. Press the power botton  and the power indicator lights in green, the device start working.

2. Press the power button to turn off.


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